Food from the farm

The farm where ‘Chez Judith’ has its home is not just a place for a great holiday. It also produces food on a small scale. For instance, there is a beautiful permaculture vegetable garden where vegetables are grown, and there is a small herd of cows. Honest, animal-friendly and locally produced food with an eye for the surrounding nature is one of Chez Judith’s core values.

In winter, the cows graze in the many fields around the farm, and when it snows they can retreat to a dry stable. In summer, the cows move into the mountains, where they graze on the higher summer pastures, thus contributing to the regenerative process on these prairies. A wonderful cooperation between man, animal and nature in which animal welfare and space for nature play an important role.

The food produced is used for the meals that can be enjoyed during a stay in the gîte or at the campsite. Besides her work as a farmer and organiser of holidays and hikes, Judith has in fact been working as a cook in various places for several years. On the farm, she has found a way to accommodate both her passion for cooking and her passion for honestly produced, local food. Delicious dinners, from vegetarian to vegan or with the meat of our own cows, are ready for you upon request. Of course, in summer, weekly barbecue evenings are organised, in which anyone can participate.